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Jun 11, 2019

On episode 144 of The Barcelona PodcastDan and Navid Molaaghaei do a season review of La Masia. Your hosts talk the biggest talents, the players that excelled in the academy and where some of the brightest gems might be playing next season.

Running Order:

Did Riqui Puig do enough to earn a first team spot?


Jun 5, 2019

On this special edition of The Barcelona PodcastDan and guest co-host Mike Miller celebrate Barcelona's Dutch history. From Johan Cruyff to Ronald Koeman, your hosts break down the important legends of the past who will forever be remembered for their impact in Catalonia, as well as some of the names that may have...

May 31, 2019

On episode 142 of The Barcelona PodcastDan gets a little help from his friends as they try to figure out what went wrong at the end of Barcelona's season. Hear from Mike Miller, Levon (Barsalev), Alex Truica and Diana Kristinne with their thoughts on how they judge the season that was and much more!

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May 23, 2019

On episode 141 of The Barcelona PodcastDan and Francesc debate Ernesto Valverde's future at FC Barcelona. Your hosts answer listener questions about selling players, next season's title threats and much more!

Running Order:

Does Valverde need a win in the Copa del Rey to stay?

Is there merit to Barcelona losing the...

May 16, 2019

On episode 140 of The Barcelona PodcastDan is joined by Diana Kristinne to talk Antoine Griezmann's fit at Barcelona and the club's summer budget. Your hosts answer listener questions about the midfield scoring, if Barcelona could win the Premier League and much more!

Running Order:

Would Antoine Griezmann fit at...